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A Blog about A Blog …

When I started this blog just over a year ago I had the very splendid vision that I would be able to take you through my journey from an ambitious, frustrated, slightly out of shape dressage enthusiast with a distinct lack of clarity in my thinking culminating in my qualification for regional finals with my training approach “The Crystal System” complete and proven.

How very adolescent I feel about my lack of foresight, knowing then, as I did that with horses you have to take the rough with the smooth; to accept that you will have set backs and they will, inevitably come.

I sustained an injury in November from a fall which took me out of action for 2 months.  I think I may have fractured my pelvis but I never got round to getting it X-rayed!  As for my horse (A.K.) she has feigned some sort of impairment with intermittent lameness on and off all year.  It has cursed my progress and left me more than a little miffed.  Does she not know that I am writing a book and need to ride?

So, this weekend I was thinking, whilst mucking out for the third time; A.K. munching carelessly recycling the haylage (she’s on box rest) completely unaware that my aspirations are not to be a first-rate ‘mucker-outer’!  Hey ho.  I digress; I was thinking that as I am on the fifth chapter of the book, having already committed to paper (metaphorically as it’s all on my PC) loads of fascinating stuff about motivation, purpose, fitness, rider assessment and training exercises you guys might be interested in following the run up to the book launch in a series of blogs about the blog, or more specifically a personal, honest and hopefully humorous look at how I will get to the point of launch of The Crystal System Book.

Let’s say today is day one.  I have a gazillion ideas rumbling around in my head and whilst I had hoped to take off for half a day, go sit in a peaceful place, maybe in the woods next to my yard, get everything out into some sort of order, organise my brain maybe – this did not happen.  Friends turned up and put paid to that idea.  I’d provisionally spoken to Mark (my partner and mentor) about my idea to go in the woods, find a nice spot and sit down, with the sun shining through the trees whilst I fervently scribbled all my ideas and got them out of my head.  He thought it was a great idea and I was pleased.

WBear in Woodshen our friends arrived, I looked at him with a hopeless, sappy look on my face.  He knew what I was thinking, so took me to one side and with a sympathetic air calmly stated “I know you’re disappointed but there will be other opportunities for you to purge your shit in the woods!”

Indeed! Is the Pope Catholic?

Patricia – The Dressage Tipster