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How much do I love the blogging network Haynet?  I love living in the country, horse riding, farming, dog walking and all that outdoorsy stuff so I guess I am typical of Haynet’s target audience.  I also love reading stories from real people about their horsey and countryside antics.; finding out about the day-to-day lives and loves and making connections with like-minded folks.  If you have passion for any of the above you too will love Haynet and I think you should take a look round and join us!

I say US because I am now a fully fledged member of the team having recently been asked to become a member of the very exclusive “Cream of the Crop Club”. 

This club enrolls writers from the world of blogging who write great content and have a wide following – (Haynet’s description not mine)

It’s all about the capacity to review and promote products or services and reach a wide audience.  You may recall when Haynet featured purely equestrian blogs that I won Equestrian Blogger of the Year 2014, since then Haynet has relaunched with a new colour branding and expanded the audience out beyond equestrianism to countryside and farming matters.



  1. Catherine Louise Birmingham is an internationally acclaimed dressage rider and world-class trainer and pioneer in both human and animal behaviour
  2. Black and White Eventing is the pairing of Nikki Goldup, eventing mum, blogger and social media fanatic, and Wayward Wanderer known as Wanda or ‘The Flying Cow Pony’.
  3. Jessica Challinor – Of Gee Gee and Me fame.  A writer and enthusiast of all things equine. With her horse Oscar she trials and tests, extensively researching products before she buys.
  4. Lil ole me! Patricia Pitt – The Dressage Tipster

I have exciting plans for the blog this year, including my new e-book which features a number of my equestrian blogging pals and their No. 1 tips for sitting trot; news about my competition journey with my beautiful mare A.K. and of course the reviews for Haynet Cream of the Crop Club as well as the usual tips and treats you are familiar with.

Looking forward to sharing with you – See ya there!

Patricia – The Dressage Tipster


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