31. Crystal Tips - RightWelcome to The Crystal System, where you will be inspired to unlock your horsemanship skills and turn your passion into dressage success.

I have wasted many hours, sweat and tears, not to mention hundreds of £GBP trying to learn how to be a skilful rider. I have made my fair share of mistakes, but you don’t have to, because once I’d got to the point where I was so disgusted with myself for not achieving anything, I got to work finding out how it’s done, which meant ‘un-doing’ a lot of what had become ingrained in my training and ethos.

Crystal System BookI share everything I’ve learnt on this website and in The Crystal System Book.  How, with the help of a man with an eye for detail, I turned around my frustration into enjoyment and how I created my own training system and you could create yours, that will help you enjoy your riding and find real success.  This is the essence of The Crystal System, it will empower you to analyse your own riding, look critically at yourself and give you the tools to find solutions to whatever is coming between you and your dreams.

Specifically, you’ll discover a great deal …

  • how to recognise body parts that are not functioning correctly together with strategies to address these issues
  • how to assess your riding yourself without having to pay someone to tell you what’s right and what’s wrong
  • how to deploy the training methods with checking mechanisms to ensure success along the way
  • how to build and put into place a plan to reach your goals
  • how to be your own trainer

Step #1: Join the Crystal Community

The blog will build as a reference book to help you on your way and offers free e-books, tips and written assistance in every form.  It is pretty easy to get overwhelmed and not know where to start. The best way to is to join the thousands who have already subscribed to the newsletter, where you will get all the best content spoon-fed to you.

When you sign up you’ll start off with THREE x free reports:

  • 99 Checks to help you Self Assess your Riding
  • 5 Dressage Tips that could Revolutionise your Riding
  • 10 Test Tips that will take your scores to Good or Better

After that, you’ll get one, maybe two tips and lessons per week.


If that sounds interesting to you, fill in your favourite email address below and hit submit.

 Step #2: Check Out the Best of the Blog

If you’re not quite ready to sign-up yet, there are a lot of articles, guides and reports for you to check out on the website.  Crystal System DressageThe best place to start is with the “Select a topic you’re interested in” , which you will see in the sidebar of the home page. This is where articles are categorised to help you find all the posts related to a subject you may be particularly interested in …

In addition:

  • The Real Life Rider Series is a collection of blog posts inspired by real life questions, a real oasis of information designed to address real rider issues.
  • The Collective Marks Series looks at how to improve those all important collective marks, beginning with how the collectives are scored and looking at each aspect of how your collective marks are judged individually.
  • The Dressage Tipster’s A to Z is a fun and informative A to Z of Dressage.

Essentially, if you just go through the bits your interested in now, you’re missing out on some of the best and most popular stuff.

Step #3: Read ‘About The Authors’

We all need a little nudge along from time to time.  Let’s face it, it can be hard keeping your motivation, particularly if you are working alone and are unable to afford individual coaching.

Take a look at the category Motivation.  There are a series of blog posts specifically aimed at keeping you focussed and feeding your “want” to be a skilful rider.

I believe my story is far from unique, in fact, I believe my story is being repeated time and time again across the world.  If you read this report and it resonates with you, you are definitely in need of The Crystal System.  If not, you are one of the few riders who have found what most of us spend a lifetime looking for.

Step #4: Come Train with Us!

G o to the Coaching Page and contact Patricia on 07826 907607 email: help@likecrystal.com, message me via facebook, message me via the blog … just get in touch!  We’ll talk about you, your horse, your aspirations and the problems you are facing.  Then, if you want to, you can come along for some one-to-one training.


If all this feels like too much, you can always get your in-box inspiration by signing up for the newsletter, grab your free e-books

  • 5 Dressage Tips that could Revolutionise your Riding’
  • 10 Test Tips that will take your scores to 8 or better
  • 99 Questions to Self-Assess your Progress

Check them out and get started that way.  Just fill in your favourite email address below and let’s go.  Lets have some serious fun!

Patricia – The Dressage Tipster

Email: help@likecrystal.com



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