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…. many horse riding training methods and systems of training are mechanical; techniques which the trainer will try to instil in a pupil. To ride well you need FEEL, which is not only difficult to teach, it’s difficult to explain and difficult to grasp.  Developing sensitivity and tact, building your body so that it can work with the horses’ movement and understanding the horse’s state of mind helps.

There will always be a place for technique, indeed, my book will outline a number of techniques which are useful, but only as a tool – It is not the end goal.

dressage tipsterWhat’s it all about?

I am Patricia – The Dressage Tipster, a facebook page developed to bring hints and tips to the equestrian community completely free of charge.  Really just a way to begin interacting with my fellow equestrians and getting feedback about the difficulties you face.

From there, it became clear (you see what I did there – clear? lol) that it is perceived as all very complicated and difficult.

The Crystal System Book attempts to unravel the mysteries surrounding that elusive ability to ride skilfully.  It breaks down the jargon and the flowery speak, explains in plain English exactly what is required. You will, without doubt, have several Eureka moments, when you realise that your heroic efforts have been hindering you and if only someone had broken it down, rider to rider, instead of fashioning some complicated ‘mumbo-jumbo’ you would have got it much quicker.  Once you have sorted out any body parts that do not function properly, you do not need to work physically hard, you need to work by activating your brain.  The Crystal System Book will give you the confidence to select the very best from your experiences and develop your own understanding of how to train your horse.

Crystal System DressageThe Crystal System works towards one goal – helping you to understand that you are now an eternal student; you will be on this journey your whole life and each achievement, however large or small, will build towards the ultimate goal – being AS ONE with your horse.

Dressage TipsterHow will this work for you?

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There’s a lot here for the Dressage enthusiast. Maybe for now you just want to know a little more, if so you can contact us …

Patricia – The Dressage Tipster

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