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In the Stirrups – Jan 2016

January’s In The Stirrups Magazine is out.

My article can be found on pages 30 to 33 and as ever is replicated below for your ease.

Go over to the magazine though and take a look at the results from Olympia, Tried and Tested, The Cush Grip Gel Whip, my article and In The Stirrups own therapy unicorn Applause.

In The Stirrups Article – January 2016

2016 is HERE: Get Your Mind Set Right for The Challenge

I have changed.  I hadn’t noticed the change because it’s really sneaky.  Bit like being a child and growing.  You get taller but you don’t notice until you stand up against a wall and mark it.

The same holds true for my changes.  We are all constantly changing, but it’s hard to notice.  It’s not even a question of if you’re changing; it’s more about which direction are you going in.  How in control of your changes are you?  Here are 10 ideas around the way you think about your riding which may help you get the right mind set for your challenges. Continue reading In the Stirrups – Jan 2016