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Equine Magazine – July 2016

Equine Magazine

We have teamed up with Equine Magazine to offer an exclusive package of dressage goodies including a copy of The Crystal System Book, A Blue Chip Dressage Saddle Cloth and a set of Kitt Equestrian Dressage Wraps.

The Crystal System DressageEquine MagazineKitt Dressage WrapsI am absolutely delighted with The Crystal System book review featured on Page 45 of the July 2016 Issue of Equine Magazine, they say … Continue reading Equine Magazine – July 2016

You Win, We Win

Here we have what is known as a WIN, WIN situation.  If you live in the U.K. and have yet to invest in The Crystal System Book I have a very special offer for you on this Shrove Tuesday.


  1. Blue Chip VoucherMy extremely generous sponsors, Blue Chip Feeds have given me 19 (I know a bit of a random number!) x £10 vouchers to give away with the next x 19 sales of The Crystal System Book.
  2. Their generosity must be catching because, I’ve had some coupon codes made up and if you enter the code TIPSTER10 (must be in capital letters) at checkout, you can get the book at a 10% discounted price of £19.66 inclusive of postage.  A saving for you of £2.18

If you are one of the lucky 19 to get a £10.00 voucher, you can redeem it at any retailer who stocks Blue Chip Feeds for any of the products listed below.  So, if you are a current Blue Chip user … great you’ll save £10 on your next purchase or looking at it another way you’ll get The Crystal System Book for the equivalent of £9.66Book Image White Background

The coupon code to get your 10% discount is active now, go to the purchase page via this link or click on the book image.

WinFirst x 19 orders bought through the website link, will get the £10 Blue Chip Vouchers



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In the Stirrups Magazine – November 2015

The latest issue of In The Stirrups Magazine is out!

In the Stirrups

I make no excuses for this month’s article.  It is blatant self promotion of The Crystal System Book on page 14 and 15 and, as always, is summarised below for your ease of reading.

I don’t mind telling you that I’m having a bit of a ‘mare’ in the latter stages of getting the book to you, but I won’t bore you with the details, suffice to say I am still hoping for a November launch date.

Watch this space!



What’s in it for you?

Crystal System BookWondering if The Crystal System Book will benefit you?  I think there’s something in it for everyone, but if you can answer any of these question with a YES, you should give it a go … Continue reading In the Stirrups Magazine – November 2015

NOVICE TEST – 5 Questions for the Novice Dressage Rider

2015A New Year often brings new ambitions, reinvigoration of our aspirations and thoughts about how we will make the most of the very precious time we spend with our horses.

Some of you will be thinking about competing, possibly for the first time or with a new horse or maybe like me, you are thinking that 2015 will bring you opportunities you have been working towards.

With this in mind I have been looking to the requirements of the Novice Dressage Test and the essence of what the judge is looking for.  I have compiled a check list of 5 questions you might want to consider and which will hopefully help you to focus on what is important.

The Novice DressageTest

It is all about the horse’s way of going and obedience.  The judge is looking to see if you are on the right track with your training and by asking yourself these 5 questions, but more importantly, by being honest with your answers, you will be able to assess for yourself, before you even enter the competition arena if your work at home is up to standard.

Novice DressageSo, ask yourself … Continue reading NOVICE TEST – 5 Questions for the Novice Dressage Rider