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Roosa’s Book Review

The first book review is in and they are coming thick and fast.  I am absolutely delighted that Finnish born Roosa Rantanen of ‘Roosa’s Horsey Life‘ has given a huge thumbs up and recommends it to, well, everyone really!Book Review

Haynet blogger Roosa Rantanen recently was selected as competition winner to do a Book Review and was sent The Crystal System by 2014 Haynet Blogger of the Year, Patricia Pitt.

Here’s Roosa’s Book Review:

“Patricia Pitt is the amazing blogger known as The Dressage Tipster who from her blogging, her riding life experiences and learning journey has created the book The Crystal System. Thanks to Haynet and the wonderful Dressage Tipster I was given the opportunity to read the book over Christmas.

The Crystal System is a self-help system for riders, which aims to clear up some of the mysteries that often surround the ability to ride skilfully, with feel and with subtlety – but self-help is not to be taken negatively, for as Patricia points out in the book self help “is to use one’s own efforts and resources to achieve things without relying on others”. I’m sure many of us have felt the need to be always helped out by trainers who are more knowledgable that us, but this book encourages you to train yourself in order to improve.

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