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Q8 – Are You Bouncing In The Saddle?

I guess most of you would say no to self-assessment question # 8 : Are you bouncing in the saddle? but I am specifically thinking about sitting trot.  Now if I ask again, what would your answer be?  For many of you the answer will still be no, but for many more I’m sure it’s a resounding yes.

Whilst you are learning sitting trot, absorbing the shock waves created by the horse’s movement means you get ‘out of phase’ with movement and begin to feel the bounce.  In the trot, here’s what is happening … Continue reading Q8 – Are You Bouncing In The Saddle?

Toes Out or Toes In?

We all know that the way we ride has an inextricable affect on our horse’s way of going.  Your riding position is crucial to the way your horse moves.

Aesthetically, toes out are something that hit you slap in the face.  I feel the heels down (or at least level) and toes in is important, but not because it is aesthetically pleasing.

Why’s and wherefore’s …

  • If your toes are out so your knees will also be out.
  • By ‘toes in’ I mean forward, which will allow your knees and thighs to lie flat on the saddle.
  • If the toe and knee are out then it becomes really difficult to use your thighs and when you try you will grip up with the lower leg.
  • Toes forward means that you are using the inside of your leg as you should.
  • There should be no grease from your horse on the outer seam of your boots.
  • Flexibility of your ankle is key to allowing your foot to rest correctly.
Toes OutDoes toes out spoil this picture?  I think so.

A very simple exercise to do to help with toe forward is, when you Continue reading Toes Out or Toes In?