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Novice Test : Half 10m Circle

The Crystal System is all about finding clarity in your approach and keeping things simple.  In my new series of blogs which I have called “The Novice Test” I began with The 20m Circle and getting to the heart of what we need to do to achieve a 9.    It is worth reading this blog post as a starting point to perfecting (!) your half 10m Circles

half 10m CircleToday we explore the Half 10m Circle

The Novice Test asks for a number of movements which include the half 10m circle …

  • E – Half Circle Left 10 Metres Diameter to X
  • X – Half Circle Right 10 Metres Diameter to B

The half 10m circle from E to X and X to B crops up in a few of the novice dressage tests.  It’s a great way for a judge to assess if you have the horse flexing and bending correctly; if you can maintain the rhythm throughout the turns; if your horse is obedient to the aids; if you, as a rider, can maintain lightness in your aids.

Here are some tips to help …

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