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The Novice Test. Halt, Immobility, Salute

Continuing ‘The Novice Test’ series of posts, the entry and halt at X is your chance to make a good impression.  A good halt is an indicator that you have the basics right, so don’t squander the opportunity to make the judge sit up and take notice of you.

At the lower levels it is acceptable to ride a progressive transition from trot to halt.  The judge would prefer a few steps of walk than your horse screeching to a stop.

The Novice Test has a number of different places where the halt may be asked for:

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  • X – Halt Immobility Salute
  • G – Halt immobility Salute
  • D – Halt Immobility Salute

Followed by either –

  • Leave the arena or
  • Proceed in working trot

Then there’s the halt in the middle of the test:

  • A Halt. Immobility for 4 seconds and proceed in medium walk

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