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My Most Used Warm Up Routine

I am often asked the best way to warm up your horse for the training session ahead and this is something that I used to struggle with myself.  Exactly what is it I am trying to achieve, and how?

I have a number of routines that I use depending on the horse and what sort of work is planned but nine times out of ten I follow the same path, which not only helps me ensure that I am warming up my horse correctly but also helps to settle my horse if she is in a different environment.  Vertical 2Doing the same old warm up routine she does every session at home is familiar and well within her comfort zone (and mine!)

The other benefit is that when you are used to a specific routine you can become very proficient at it and can make adjustments to get you back on track if and when required in a strange environment, like at a competition.

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Going Back to Basics

I, for many years, tacked up my horse, warmed him up and got on with what I wanted to do.  I’d have an idea of what I wanted to do, but if it went wrong I would move onto something else, or stick with stuff we could do! There was no progressive plan or evaluation.

1 Dressage PlanTo get anywhere worthwhile you have to have a plan of how to get there.  Ideally you would keep a diary of your training.

It is absolutely essential that you evaluate where you are after each session. This might be just a mental note, a discussion with your coach or adjustment of your plan to accommodate what you have experienced in the arena.

Whatever happens, you should plan the next session accordingly.  Thus ensuring that you stay on track and focused, helping with the building blocks which ensure that you train in a progressive manner.

Patricia – The Dressage Tipster