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In The Stirrups – April 2016

  • This month In The Stirrups speak with the woman behind Learning to Listen, a charity healing horses and humans with their work.
  • Dressage rider Lara Dyson introduces us to her ‘Gentle Giant’.
  • WIN a place on The Essential Horse Management course in May
  • All the news and results from FEI Dressage, Eventing and Showjumping.
  • Don’t miss out on EQ-PR’s top tips to stay social media savvy!
In The Stirrups
My article:

Originally published on 17 March 2014

I have been on my journey of Dressage discovery now for a long time and just recently I have come to the conclusion that Dressage is not for me! Continue reading In The Stirrups – April 2016

In the Stirrups – Feb 2016

Check out Pages 37. 38 and 39 of the February 2016 Issue of In the Stirrups Magazine, for my Article on Dressage Practised Perfectly

Dressage Practised Perfectly

An extract from The Crystal System Book:  A note about asymmetry –

You are having a lesson.  Your issue is that your outside shoulder drops and turns to the outside on the right rein.  Your coach explains what is happening and demonstrates how your body position is affecting your horse.  You are very clear in your mind what is going wrong and what you need to do to rectify it.  It’s your turn to show what you have learnt.  You put yourself into position and off you go onto the right rein.  You start off with the shoulders in alignment with the horse but before you have turned half a circle the shoulder has dropped and is tuned in the wrong way, exactly as you had before the instruction.  You do it wrong.

Are you not trying? Are you a fool? 

Of course not, you are perfectly normal and have reacted exactly just as 85% of riders do.  Why? Because of muscle memory.  Most of us have come across this term at some point in our training, but it is not a memory stored in the mStirrupsuscles, of course, but memories stored in your brain. In the Stirrups

If you’re practicing your riding skills over and over again, the idea is that you’ll continue to improve, after all ‘practice makes perfect’ right?  The more you do something, you build up what is known as ‘procedural memory’ and your brain can fairly quickly learn to instruct your muscles to carry it out its instructions.  Great, all we have to do is regularly repeat.  You can become very good at something through repetition, but in exactly the same way it can make you weak at that same thing.  Your muscle memory can actually play against you if you’ve constantly been practicing something the wrong way. Continue reading In the Stirrups – Feb 2016

In the Stirrups – Jan 2016

January’s In The Stirrups Magazine is out.

My article can be found on pages 30 to 33 and as ever is replicated below for your ease.

Go over to the magazine though and take a look at the results from Olympia, Tried and Tested, The Cush Grip Gel Whip, my article and In The Stirrups own therapy unicorn Applause.

In The Stirrups Article – January 2016

2016 is HERE: Get Your Mind Set Right for The Challenge

I have changed.  I hadn’t noticed the change because it’s really sneaky.  Bit like being a child and growing.  You get taller but you don’t notice until you stand up against a wall and mark it.

The same holds true for my changes.  We are all constantly changing, but it’s hard to notice.  It’s not even a question of if you’re changing; it’s more about which direction are you going in.  How in control of your changes are you?  Here are 10 ideas around the way you think about your riding which may help you get the right mind set for your challenges. Continue reading In the Stirrups – Jan 2016

In The Stirrups – December 2015

Decembers issue of In the Stirrups is out and has loads of great reading for us Dressage enthusiasts:

  • In the Legends of British Sport, Carl Hester talks about his 25 year career
  • My article on Discovering Clarity in Your Thinking, which is an extract from The Crystal System Book and is replicated below for your ease.
  • AP McCoy takes up Dressage with Charlotte Dujardin
  • Daisy Jackson‘s round up of where she is in her training
  • Hans Peter Minderhoud Triumphs in Stockholm.


The way you approach your riding is fundamental to the realisation of your dreams.  Not only it’s realisation but also whether or not you enjoy the process.  Continue reading In The Stirrups – December 2015

In the Stirrups Magazine – November 2015

The latest issue of In The Stirrups Magazine is out!

In the Stirrups

I make no excuses for this month’s article.  It is blatant self promotion of The Crystal System Book on page 14 and 15 and, as always, is summarised below for your ease of reading.

I don’t mind telling you that I’m having a bit of a ‘mare’ in the latter stages of getting the book to you, but I won’t bore you with the details, suffice to say I am still hoping for a November launch date.

Watch this space!



What’s in it for you?

Crystal System BookWondering if The Crystal System Book will benefit you?  I think there’s something in it for everyone, but if you can answer any of these question with a YES, you should give it a go … Continue reading In the Stirrups Magazine – November 2015

In the Stirrups Magazine – October 2015

In the StirrupsIn the StirrupsIn the Stirrups Magazine is back, bigger, brighter, better and packed full of goodies that you’ll love.  Anne Cage at Confident Horsemanship shares advice on how to handle your ‘spooky’ horse. There are interviews with Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin and Daisy Jackson Dressage gets some great news about her ride on Blackberry in her blog article.

But not least, check out my article on pages 31 through to 33 and sign up so that you don’t miss future issues.

In the Stirrups Magazine – October 2015 Issue article: Could You Cast The First Stone?

Observing a riders’ application and proportion of punishment to reward can be endlessly fascinating, a great way to learn and very telling of a riders training methods and riding mindset.

Continue reading In the Stirrups Magazine – October 2015

In The Stirrups – January 2015

 In the Stirrups Magazine – January 2015 is out.

My article entitled ‘This Business of Dressage’ is the second part of a two part series looking at a business like approach to your training.  It is very motivational can be found on page 29 through to page 31.  I have, however, replicated the article below for you, but please take a look at the magazine, it has some great stuff, including …


and much, much more …


In my last article I made a number of comparisons between business values and how they can be applied to your dressage journey.  This month I am continuing that theme with BIG thinking.  I have been relatively successful in business and it occurred to me that a businesslike approach to training would not only bring a fresh look at everything but also might just be a little thought provoking.

Continue reading In The Stirrups – January 2015

In the Stirrups – Dec 2014

Just realised I didn’t share December’s edition of IN THE STIRRUPS MAGAZINE with you … Doh!

Here it is for your belated enjoyment.  My article is shown on pages 27 – 31 and in all it’s full glory below.



As the year comes to a close, we become reflective and looking back I have been relatively successful in my career, starting out as a secretary and moving through first line management to middle management and now reaching the dizzy heights of Director.

Turning to my dressage ambitions, it occurred to me that what separates ‘the wheat from the chaff’ in the equestrian world is a burning desire, a thirst for knowledge, structure and a businesslike approach.   This has clearly been applied in my working life but until recent years has been sadly lacking in the approach I took to my riding.   The burning desire was there but no structure.   Success then is a philosophy, an attitude, it’s a state of mind and it is available to each and every one of us.  So if you want it, but can’t get the leverage you need, I’ve put together a three part series, beginning with business values that can very easily be applied to your approach to your training and help you get the focus and motivation to achieve your riding goals.


Continue reading In the Stirrups – Dec 2014