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NOVICE TEST – Teardrop Turn or Demi-volte to Long Side

Teardrop Turn – demi-volte to long side

The history of dressage is vast and fascinating, full of intriguing words and quotes from the ‘masters’ that you may or may not be able to make sense of.  The Volte was traditionally ridden over 12 strides in circumference (using the inside hind leg as the counter).  However, this was later decreased to 6-8 strides in circumference (6 meters) and is therefore, only used when a horse has developed the ability to collect. Of all the circles, the volte requires the most balance, engagement and power.teardrop turn

However, changing direction through a 10m half-volte is something you need to master for the preliminary test and is a quite significant movement, which should not be overlooked or thought of in any way as simple; there’s more to the tear-drop turn than meets the eye.

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