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Novice Test – Rein back

[dropcap]I had[/dropcap] a surprising email from the U.S. recently asking me why we English riders DO NOT use ‘backing up’ in our training.  She had been advised by an English instructor … “we NEVER back a horse up!”   The instructor couldn’t really say why she never backs a horse up, just that it’s not done.  The question was “I can work with answers that have content and rationale.  I can’t work with answers that are ‘just because….’ do you have any thoughts as to why, in English schooling, horses are never backed up?

My dear Dressage enthusiasts, we all know this not to be true.

So, somewhat bemused, I responded advising my new American friend that we do indeed ‘back up’ our horses.  It’s called rein back and is in every test from Novice to Grand Prix.

An example of what you will find in a test is …

 C Rein back (for one horse’s length)
CH Medium Walk

So, let’s have a look at the whys and wherefores.

Why Do We Teach Rein Back?

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