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Riding in Windy Conditions – Spooky !

SpookyA very here and now topic under discussion in the forums is riding in windy conditions.  Whatever the time of year the weather can suddenly turn windy, which can and often does result in spooky horses, but the weather we are experiencing here in the UK at the moment is enough to make the bravest of horses spooky.  You can’t really blame your horse for being on high alert; it’s so much harder to detect by sight, smell or movement those predators lurking behind the muck heap!

There is only one way to keep your horse calm, whatever the weather, where ever you are, whatever you are doing and that is to build his trust.  If your horse trusts you he will come to you as soon as he sees you; allow you to touch him everywhere; will move confidently where you ask him to and take comfort from your calmness.

If your horse is spooky when it’s windy so much that it is creating a dangerous situation, your problems are not really about the wind they are about your horses confidence – in you.

Spooky !

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