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Novice Test – The Centre Line

Do you incorporate riding THE CENTRE LINE into your everyday schooling sessions?

Perhaps when you are preparing for a competition or running through your test, but is it a movement that you do regularly as part of your regular warm up or schooling regime?  Because, if it isn’t, it should be!Centre Line

Your centre line will be judged on a number of factors: how confident you are on entry; straightness and suppleness; rhythm; contact; impulsion and accuracy.

A Confident Entry

In a novice dressage test the movements for entry on the centre line are …

  • A – Enter in working trot and proceed down the centre line without halting – Turn left or right
  • A – Enter at working trot and proceed down centre line. X – Halt. Immobility. Salute. Proceed in working trot. Turn left or right

You have to get into the arena but before that you to ride around the arena.  What you do in this time really depends on your horse.

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