I need to share with you how incredibly useful 10 meter circles are.  Often thought of as a matter of strength (of the horse) a proper, symmetrical 10 meter circle is not a strength issue, it’s all about balance.  If you perfect the 10 meter circle you have the basis of a good many exercises.10 m circle

  •  If a horse gets strong and exuberant send him forward and then by doing a 10-meter circle you can connect him again.
  • Spiralling from a 10-meter to 6-meter circle will give you a check that the balance isn’t being lost as the circle gets smaller and encourages stepping ‘up and under’ of the inside leg.
  • Use a 10-meter circle to start your lateral work, shoulder in, travers, renvers etc.

Quick Tip: Always look up and to where you are going and shift your weight to the inside, not forgetting you are going in a fairly tight circle.  Be subtle about it!

Oh, and not really liking the diagram as the horse isn’t bending on the circle fully!dressage in walk

Patricia – The Dressage Tipster


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