5 Equestrian Blogs I Highly Recommend

I am privileged to have connected to many equestrians throughout the time I have been blogging not least some fellow bloggers who have amazing talent to share with you.  Check out these entertaining and informative equestrian blogs that I highly recommend.


My first recommendation is Confident Horsemanship by Anne Gage.  Anne is a fellow contributor to In the Stirrups Magazine.


Do you feel like there’s something missing from your partnership with your horse?

Anne works with equestrians and their steeds to help you achieve a positive partnership that increases your trust, respect and confidence in each other.  Helping you to understand WHY your horse behaves the way he does and give you tools so you know exactly what to do to help him feel calm, confident and cooperative – whenever he’s with you.

“Learn how to deepen trust, respect and communication between you and your horse. You will both become more calm, focused and connected as you develop a willing partnership.”

2. www.dressagehafl.com


Next we come onto my very good friend and fellow dressage enthusiast, Tanja Arzberger from Austria and her wonderful Haflinger, Hafl.

Tanja is a complete dressage addict who confesses to loving horses more than people (at least most of them).  tanjaShe has the normal course of life – and there is Hafl time, her very favourite time.  Tanja started her blog as a means to spend even more time on horses, pictures, creating videos, blog posts, testing products, buying tack and buying more tack.

3. www.equipepper.com



Onto Ruby Pepper Butchers.  Ruby is a University student studying Equine Science and based in Hertfordshire/Essex – U.K.  Having always had a love for horse racing and thoroughbreds she really believes they are the best type of horse.

Dedicated to changing the perceived negativity surrounding thoroughbreds and ex racehorses Equipepper is Hay-Net Equestrian Blogging’s Rising Star 2016.

4.  www.geegeeandme.blogspot.co.uk

Jessica Chandler is a writer and enthusiast of all things equine.

jessicaInspired to launch Gee Gee and Me because prior to purchasing anything equestrian she always carried out extensive research, figuring that there are others like her who, when every penny counts , want quality products that do the job as promised and last the test of time.

This is what her horse Oscar and Jessica do, trial and test.  She extensively researches products before she buys and with the occasional fail that makes amusing reading.  She loves writing and is completely Oscar obsessed.
A member of Hay-Net Equestrian Blogging Cream of the Crop Club.

5. www.myequicoach.

Finally, A New Zealand based blog from the very popular Myequicoach.  The question that motivates Jane most is ” How can I be the rider and horse person that my horse needs me to be? How can I leave my emotions at the gate and have the mental strength and balance that I need to allow both of us to flourish as a partnership? How can I be the rider that my horses deserve?”

Jane has worked hard to become the best mental skills coach she can be.  A qualified Yoga Therapist, NLP Practitioner and Coach, Time Line Therapy Practitioner and Mental Skills , butCoach.

I am delighted to link you up with these amazing resources if you have not yet encountered them and even more happy to announce that each and every one of these knowledgeable bloggers will be contributing to my forthcoming e-book which is launched in 2017 – Sitting Trot – A Pick and Mix Approach

Most of you will all be aware that The Crystal System was awarded Hay-Net Equestrian Blogger of the Year 2014.  This year I have been nominated for the UK Blog Awards in two categories and I am gearing up for the public vote, which begins tomorrow.  Blogs

Have to say, I am extremely honoured to be part of this blogging industry awards program and can’t begin to hope to be recognised by such a prestigious award, but hey, I’ll give it a go and with your help, anything is possible. #UKBA17

Patricia – The Dressage Tipster


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  1. and we are happy that we’ve met you <3 btw, I just voted for you! you should probably share a direct link as there are so many entries that I needed to look through 😉 good luck!

  2. I would like to give you a cheer and a big pat on the back for a very informative post. Thanks for recommending awesome equestrian blogs which I can’t wait to visit. Looking forward to read more of your posts too!

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