Shoulder fore off the bend …

Approach bend, half halt, inside leg, look where you are heading, catch the quarters with the outside leg, sit still and go – “No – too late, go again” – the all too familiar list of instructions that I run through when preparing for a shoulder fore. After several attempts I was just not getting it, – go again, and again …


• Coach : Ok, run through what you are doing
• ME: As Above
• Coach : Ok, but are you doing it all at the same time?
• ME: Huh? – Oh, I see (Light switch ON)


So … as you approach the bend, all at once – half halt – inside leg – look where you’re going – catch the quarters – sit still – Let it happen!

The milliseconds it was taking me to do these things one at a time in sequence did not have the desired effect. All together! in the same moment! at the same time! all at once! We have shoulder fore. Eureka! 

Patricia – The Dressage Tipster

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