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There are now four days left to vote in this years hotly contended Haynet Equestrian Blogger of the Year 2014. Every day this week, we are showcasing each finalist promoting their blog and why they should have your vote.

Today’s promotional post is from Patricia who writes the super The Dressage Tipster. Here in her own words is why she started writing her equestrian blog:

“I don’t really know where the spark came from.  It was spring after a very, very long winter and it should have felt good, it didn’t.  I’d been working with my horse for a few weeks and having the same old problems, but this day a spark inside me came to life. I could not go on getting nowhere.  I needed something else, but what?

Technically I knew a great deal, but simply could not find the recipe to make ‘it’ happen.  I made gargantuan physical efforts to sit correctly, apply the right technique, research and acquire as much knowledge as I could.  I found myself horribly frustrated at my lack of progress, often giving up at the first, sometimes the second hurdle and always marking time in terms of progression.  It became apparent to me that my instructors (of which there have been many) had not helped but hindered my progression.  Yes, I could ride but I had no ‘feel’, I was very mechanical in my thinking and in the delivery of my aids, unable to be elegant, I could not see a way of reaching my dream of being a proficient rider. 

I decided there and then that I would find out why my dream was so elusive.  I purchased every book on every method of training that was available, from the classical masters to the latest fads.  That was a really interesting time for me, each of them had something to offer, but none of them inspired me to follow their method wholeheartedly, none of them, I felt, got to the very heart of the matter.  Remember, that I was already fairly knowledgeable, in theory, which in my view many grass roots riders are, finding that mysterious ingredient that would stimulate me sufficiently to say to me “yes, that’s how it should be done” just was not in any of those books.

So I turned to my long suffering partner Mark Bentley who has been trained by the very best from the first time he sat in the saddle and by finally making a commitment to learn from him I would make amends and share my findings with everyone.  It was having this ‘light bulb moment’ or ‘epiphany’ which galvanised me to begin the blog.  I found myself with a yearning to help others like myself but was halted by doubts of whether anyone would want to listen to me or that once I started I wouldn’t have enough to say.  That’s funny!  I soon discovered that the stuff I now have an insight into resonates with many, many riders and I have already seriously helped them in their struggle.  Believe me when I tell you, I’ve got plenty to say.

I managed to convince myself that when someone is so passionate about something, they must know something worth sharing, right?  So I began with thedressagetipster on facebook, really just a means of interacting with my fellow equestrians to find out if you were experiencing the same issues, found that you were and began the blog at 

I am, by no means, an expert; I just share what I know.  And hey, I really don’t profess to be ‘all knowing’, Dressage is a life-long journey of discovery and I will share with you my views based on my experiences.  So why would you listen to me?  Because we share this passion, because I am following my heart and that’s what you want and because I may just be able to help you.  That’s all.

If you like what I do or if my hints and tips have helped you in any way, I’d love your vote for the prestigious Haynet Equestrian Blogger of the Year.  Imagine if I were to win … Wow!”

Patricia is another very worthy finalist so please come and visit her blog The Dressage Tipster and come and vote for her in this year’s exciting Haynet Equestrian Blogger of the Year 2014 competition!

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