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Finding the right dressage coaching for you is the single most important decision you will make concerning your dressage career.

My personal viewpoint is that qualifications are NOT important and actually mean very, very little in terms of assessing an individual’s ability to coach dressage. I have spent hundreds of pounds on instructors, Qualifications, Equine Degrees every one of them and look where it got me … frustrated!  Our sport is expensive; most of us don’t have money to burn because, for most of us it doesn’t come as easily as it goes!  1 hard earnedPersonal recommendation, results of existing pupils and how you feel about this person’s philosophy on training given their own personal journey and experience, is much more important.

Don’t be afraid to swap and change instructors. Every training experience is an opportunity to assess where you are in your training, to try new and different methods and make your own decision on its effectiveness.  It’s ok, I think, to use different instructors / trainers / coaches and take only what YOU want from THEM; watch other riders training, read different experts’ viewpoints, develop your own set of rules that work for you.

Video CoachingBuild the confidence to experiment and try new stuff but most of all, have fun with it.  Take for example the latest wave of excitement in the equine world surrounding remote and video coaching. Have you ever considered getting a video assessment?

Video coaching is no longer considered a second-rate, awkward, time-consuming and ‘faffy’ way of getting access to good training that it once was.

Thanks to the success of Dressage Anywhere the worldwide on-line dressage competition website launched in 2010 with members from over 60 countries around the world and  E-Dressage  founded in late 2014  with the aim of combining dressage competition and training, not only remote coaching but remote judging is more affordable, convenient and accessible to dressage riders wishing to leverage the use of technology to their advantage.

Here at The Crystal System we have certainly seen a surge in the number of riders looking to effectively tap into our expertise at a very low-cost.

What are the benefits of Video Coaching?

Video Coaching has no boundaries, you can record your ride on any device, at any time.  It may be a specific issue like ‘not getting the travers’ or a whole host of issues like ‘what’s going wrong with my warm up’ or ‘struggling with contact’.  Many riders simply start with an assessment of their riding and their horse’s general way of going and work from there.

No wires, no wasted time, just a quick video to give you the help you need.  What’s more is that you can watch the video again and again and again, with the help of your feedback you will be able to see for yourself where improvement is needed.

CoachingAt just £15.00 per assessment, that is what I call ‘value for money coaching’.

Want to know more?  It’s so easy, simply email me on to let me know what you are struggling with, send the video via email, facebook or youtube and pay via paypal.Coaching


Patricia – The Dressage Tipster

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