Crystal System Dressage – Chapter 12

CRYSTAL SYSTEM DRESSAGE – Chapter 12 – DO – Rider Focus Plan

So we move to the penultimate chapter of the book, pulling together all you have gleaned from previous chapters, this post gives you a few sample paragraphs, quotes, tips and illustrations that are included in Chapter 12 to see you if think it might be for you.

“We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellent then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

Crystal System Dressage“… Evaluation and re-evaluation and a systematic progressive plan will ensure that the inevitable recurring plateaus can be dealt with.  You may feel unable to ride, you may feel like what you are trying to achieve is just not achievable. This will continue until you become secure and master the new way of working.  Often riders get to thinking ‘it’s like learning to ride all over again’.  In the long term, the cycle of breakthrough, plateau, re-evaluation will never end, no matter how accomplished you become.

However those ‘bad’ rides, after which you think that you will never learn to ride skilfully can and will be overcome if you continue to analyse and figure it out for yourself; no quick fix, no shortcut, no easy way – only diligent practice.”Crystal System Dressage

Crystal System Dressage

“Celebrate, in some small way, savour your success”

“… My inability to sit straight and not distribute the weight evenly on both seat bones was the single biggest concern I had. The way it affected my poor horse was ever present.  So I concentrated every ride on both seat bones and their position; I sat on a balance ball at night; I bought a posture chair for my office; I lay on the floor when I watched TV with my legs raised in order to release my Psoas; I used my left side consciously so that it was not as weak – when raking the school, when mucking out etc.; when sitting down I would automatically cross my right leg over my left, so I’d swap them over.  Everything I did I some small way was contributing to my ability to sit straight on my horse and strengthen my body.  All of this is still work in progress.  What is great is the fact that my crookedness is acknowledged as the root cause of many of my riding problems and I have a workable plan to help me progress in my training.  Just make sure that eliminating your rider fault is your number one focus.”

Crystal System BookPatricia – The Dressage Tipster

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  1. I, too, have spent this past year realigning my skeleton so I can sit more balanced. But even worse, it has been to rehab my right hip/psoas/quads/etc which just broke down and caused great pain, especially in riding. I was suggested to get the original book by Pete Egoscue: The Egoscue Method of Health Through Motion. For specific pain sites, also get Pain Free: A Revolutionary Method for Stopping Chronic Pain. It’s all about getting your skeleton in alignment through very easy exercises so your body parts can be doing their job and not filling in for others. It has been tremendously helpful in my riding!

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