Crystal System Dressage – Chapter 8

Crystal System BookNow we come to the actual riding element of this self-help system, where the goal is to put into place the basic requirements to enable you to train your horse and for you, as a team, to come together and be as one.

Crystal System Dressage

“… It really does help to recognise the influence we have with our seat as early as we can in our dressage careers, only then can we begin to appreciate how very generous our horses are for allowing us to ride them at all and how we owe it to them to try to be ‘at one’ with them for this honour.  How many riders are able to feel the movement of their horse’s hind leg through their seat and really understand what is happening underneath them?  There are lots of reasons why we should but I guess that’s something else we are not taught as a beginner. “

Crystal System Dressage

Crystal System Dressage

“… I hope that I have demonstrated that feeling your horse’s hind legs through your seat in walk will aid your transition to trot. Feeling your horse’s hind legs through your seat in trot will aid your canter depart.  These are exercises that you can incorporate into your training on a daily basis.

Crystal System DressageOnce you have mastered the feelings of walk, trot and canter through your seat, spend a few minutes each session honing these skills.

When you progress through the levels and begin lateral work, collected work, tempi changes, pirouettes etc., in fact whatever level you work at, however experienced you are, whatever your level of ability, if your goal is to work in harmony with your horse you must achieve and maintain this basic skill.

Simplicity is the key to success.  It is the simple things that matter and simply being able to feel your horse’s gait under you is not difficult, complicated or arduous.  It is simple.  So why not take a few minutes each session to master this skill.”

Chapter 9

The ‘Do’ phase outlines only what I believe are the essential exercises and  principles that you need to master.

Clearly you could not put into one book  everything that is needed, but if you master this set of exercises and guidelines they will serve you well in every future endeavour.

Patricia – The Dressage Tipster

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