The Gift of Dressage Inspiration

“This book has completely recharged and refocused me.  It is simply brilliant.  I now know for sure that we can do it!  It took a while to get into the mind-set needed; it all seemed a little overwhelming, too much knowledge and not enough skill, I guess!  But with the help of this book we are achieving little victories every single session.  I am smiling and grinning all over the place.

As Patricia says ‘It’s an exciting and rewarding journey’ and it really is.”

Amanda Sensitive to the aidsCrowley – Amateur Dressage Enthusiast

“Patricia talks about riding mechanically and lack of feel, despite having a good knowledge base, I think this will be so liberating to hear for many riders, it certainly struck a chord with me.  I love the fact that finally, as a result of this book, I have a support system and structure that helps me to work out solutions to problems and it’s not rocket science!

Thank you for enlightening me, Patricia”

Helen Mathie – MSc Vet Phys BSc (Hons) MCSP HPC ACPAT

The Crystal System Dressage“Full of amazing training tips and insights on how to fix problems and achieve your goals.  I am bursting with enthusiasm and get up and go!  Keep it simple.  Don’t try to completely change the way you ride in one day.  You are so right Patricia! Written in an easy, understandable style, you will have fun reading this book.

The explanations are awesome.  A must read for all riders.”

Sue Clark – Motueka Dressage, New Zealand

Give the gift of dressage inspiration for Christmas or treat yourself to a fantastic 2017 season!

“I would recommend The Crystal System to all riders, whatever their level.

Basically for anyone that needs clarity and direction.”

Daisy Jackson – DJ Dressage

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