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You may remember my guest blog from Tanja Arzberger of dressagehafl.com where we explored if it really was possible to improve your riding with only the help of internet providers.

I am delighted to share with you a fabulous note from one of my subscribers which I think categorically proves that it is not only do-able but for some is preferable.

I just wanted to let you know how delighted I am with the recent progress I’ve had with my mare. She’s 14 and I’ve had her for 8 years.  I’ve believed that she’s not cut out for dressage over the years as I’ve never been able to get her going consistently well.  I’ve been using your tips for about 6 months and the difference is huge.

Your recent post about on the bit has helped so much. I am a little loathed to say this out load (or in type!) but I think that I may have cracked it!!!

I’ve really focused on my position and for the last 2 weeks I’ve been able to get some really fantastic work  it feels amazing and for the first time ever this week she finished our schooling session warmer than me!!!

I’m doing 30 minute sessions every other day as I know it’ll be hard for her while her muscles build up. Her trot has always been nice but I’ve struggled with getting the forwardness consistently and I’ve never managed to get her to truly engage her back. I don’t have it 100% of the time yet but we’re getting to 80% in my schooling sessions so I believe we can get it to be our normal way of going once she’s strong enough.

We came 6th in an on-line championship class last month (Preliminary level) with 70.83%.  I knew when we finished filming that we could do the test better so to achieve that when we’re not at our best really excites me.

Thank you for continuing to share your advice, it’s making a huge difference to us. I haven’t had a formal lesson for over a year now and she’s going better than ever.

Why not start here! and take a good look around the blog?   Check out all my pages and see what you can find to help you on your Dressage journey.

Patricia – The Dressage Tipster


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