Equine Magazine – July 2016

Equine Magazine

We have teamed up with Equine Magazine to offer an exclusive package of dressage goodies including a copy of The Crystal System Book, A Blue Chip Dressage Saddle Cloth and a set of Kitt Equestrian Dressage Wraps.

The Crystal System DressageEquine MagazineKitt Dressage WrapsI am absolutely delighted with The Crystal System book review featured on Page 45 of the July 2016 Issue of Equine Magazine, they say …

“Solving problems is part of the journey in The Crystal System and the approach is refreshing, practical and down to earth.  Crystal System Dressage

Clever drawings bring Crystal, the horse to life and the cartoon approach emphasises the partnership you should strive to build with your own horse”

Equine Magazine

Check out the full review at the digital version of Equine Magazine July 2016 – PAGE 45 here:
Equine Magazine


Special thanks to sponsors Blue Chip Feeds and Kitt Equestrian for their generosity yet again.  Click through and give it a go!

Great package, absolutely free!

Patricia – The Dressage Tipster


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