Fair Weather Rider

A Crystal System subscriber wrote to me because she was feeling guilty for not riding in the rain.

Hey Ho! not riding due to the weather, once in a while isn’t worth beating yourself up about.  It’s when it becomes a regular thing and is affecting your overall progress that you need a strategy to overcome any lethargy you are experiencing over, riding in bad weather.

To help you feel less guilty you could use the time to do something equally constructive towards your goal, like fitness training, stretching or stamina work maybe.  Learning or applying massage techniques that may help your horse is a good one.  Cleaning tack can be very therapeutic!  Reading the Crystal System Blog archive will always help!  Fair Weather RiderThis work is just as needed as the riding, so if you are having a bit of a fair weather rider day, you won’t feel like you have wasted the time as long as it is something that is contributing towards your dressage goals.

None of us like to admit to being a fair weather rider, but when it’s really bad weather it can make more sense to do something more constructive than battling the rain or snow!  If you do decide to ignore the weather, it can be really exhilarating and what’s more you will definitely get your best shoulder-in’s. Vertical 2

Got any tips for your fellow dressage enthusiasts for staying on-course in the bad weather?  We’d love to hear them.

Patricia – The Dressage Tipster


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  1. have a goal in mind! that helped me through minus 20 and snow and plus 30 and desert feeling in the outdoor arena. Ok, I have to admit just moved to a new barn with a nice indoor – so no excuses needed anymore 😉

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