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December 2015

Everything HorseNews

NEW Dressage Training Book by Patricia Pitt – The Crystal System

Issue February 2016 – Book Review Section

Horse Magazine

Horse Magazine




Horse Magazine




December 2015 – Haynet Featured Equestrian Book

Hay Net Blog

December 2015

Featured Independent Equestrian Books Book Review

Roosa Rantanen – Equestrian Blogger was chosen to review the book from a competion run in December 2015.

January 2016 – Roosa’s Review on Haynet

Roosa’s Review of The Crystal System on her blog


February 2016 ISSUEAll Horse Magazine

All Horse Magazine Review 1 - Feb 16 Page 4All Horse Magazine - Feb 2016All Horse Magazine Review - Feb 16


February 2016 IssueStaffordshire Outlook - Logo

Staffordshire Outlook - Front Page Feb 16Staffordshire Outlook - Article Feb 16







February 2016 

Dressage Radio Episode 349 – Mary-Cameron Rollins Fashion Update & Patricia Pitt’s Dressage Tipster.

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Dressage Radio


March 2016

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Top new features this month include…


Equine Magazine

Equine Magazine


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