Forward – Don’t Be Afraid

Until I embarked on this journey I had a bit of a phobia of being out of control of a horse.  Don’t we all?

ForwardSo ensuring my young horse is forward thinking has taken some guts, even though I say so myself! It all felt fast and furious and she kept popping into canter. For me that short striding, slow gait I had been used to seemed much more in control.

But a short striding, stuffy horse is not what I want. So I plucked up the courage to send her forward and allow her to go what felt to me like “too fast”. If she cantered I allowed her to do this and then within half a circle, half halt and back to trot.

For a while she did a funny half trot, half canter – The Tranter! which unfortunately isn’t actually a pace, which is a shame because she was very good at it and I think we may have got a 9 in the arena.


Dressage TestShe was never “out of control” – just happy to go forward, which is great.

I was missing out for so many years and what’s more it’s not scary any more – feeling that power is awesome!

Have fun!

Patricia – The Dressage Tipster

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  1. How did you get from being afraid to it no longer scaring you? My horse has a tendency to rush and get a bit onward bound but the more anxious I get the worse it gets. When I ride in a place I feel relaxed I have a super ride!

    1. Hi Marie
      This is a huge subject and without seeing you and your horse, I wouldn’t like to make recommendations on the basis that I could be putting you in danger !!! I would strongly suggest that you get professional assistance with this. Where are you based? Anywhere near Penkridge, Staffordshire?

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