Halt Square – Finding The ‘H’ Spot

If you are unable to execute a square halt, it’s not down to your horse!

It requires training. Make it a habit for your horse and teach him to always stand square – even for mounting, dismounting, grooming etc. If the horse is not square, step forward, always forward – never back to correct.

Halt Square

Attempting Trot to Halt transitions, my little horse did not seem to be able to understand how to stand still! (there I go again blaming the horse).

“It’s all about your balance at the point you wish to halt and for every second you wish to continue halting. If your legs are too far forward or too far back, you are not in balance.

Your horse will take your cues but what you think you are asking for isn’t what you are actually asking her for, hence your horse will fidget.

You must be still in your seat and hands, not heavy. Your legs should hang down, neither forward of the girth, nor back – you must find the spot which says ‘halt’.”

I have tried this, with my horse still fidgeting, even going backwards or ambling to halt.

Then I found “THE SPOT” – the place my legs should be which says ‘halt’. WOW – stood like a rock and powered off into the trot when I asked.

So the horse understands us perfectly, we just need to become more fluent in their language.

Patricia – The Dressage Tipster


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