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I am delighted to announce that The Dressage Tipster … That’s me! is now a member of the extremely popular Haynet Equestrian Advice Team.

From Haynet’s Blog site …

Read more about Patricia’s experience and her unique way in helping you go forward with your horse in dressage. Patricia is thrilled to be on board joining Aspire Equestrian, The Confident Horse Rider, Kilminster Equestrian and Remote Coach helping you with your equestrian problems!

As you know, Haynets Equestrian Advice Team have a fantastic line up of equestrian experts to help you with any problems you are having with your equine. They can give you advice on anything equestrian related from schooling to confidence issues to behavioural problems – in fact anything that is an equine topic!

Remember the advice is free but you will have to be a Haynet member to ask your questions to our panel of experts. Please come and take a look at Haynets Equestrian Advice Teams page and come and off load your horsey worries. As they say  “A problem shared is a problem aired”!

Pop over and take a look …

Patricia –  The Dressage Tipster


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