How I am overcoming a DRESSAGE CRISIS – Part 2

Right now I am making things way too hard for myself.

Worse still I am championing the hard work! In my blog I have said things like … “If it’s important, you will find a way”, “If you’re willing to pay the price, anything can be yours” as a way of motivating people to achieve their dreams. But you know what, it occurred to me that sometimes I take too long to quit!

I struggle too much, continue doing things that I don’t enjoy and hard working is what it’s all about.  Trouble with that way of thinking is that it implies that if I haven’t yet got what I want that a) I don’t want it bad enough or b) I’m unwilling to pay the price.  For a tiny minority, this may be true. I say MAY be true!  There may be some people out there who are simply too lazy, too dispassionate, too uninspired to take action on getting what they want but I think that they are the rare few.  For many they just don’t know what they want!

So, when I had my crisis recently and everything appeared to be going wrong, I went back to the very basics and asked myself the question “why am I doing this?”  The reality is that I already work too hard, too long, putting forward too much effort and that it’s the very effort that I’m putting into things that is costing me results.

You see, excessive effort makes things too tense and too serious, eventually it all goes a little sour.  That’s not to say that effort or work is a bad thing, it is EXCESSIVE effort and work that is, I believe, a perfect recipe for being unhappy.

Dressage CrisisAfter asking myself “why am I doing this?” I went back to doing what was well within my capabilities and did that for a while; stopped pushing myself; re-established the basics; stepped back and took a little time out.

I needed it, we all do from time to time.

Patricia – The Dressage Tipster


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