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I make no excuses for this month’s article.  It is blatant self promotion of The Crystal System Book on page 14 and 15 and, as always, is summarised below for your ease of reading.

I don’t mind telling you that I’m having a bit of a ‘mare’ in the latter stages of getting the book to you, but I won’t bore you with the details, suffice to say I am still hoping for a November launch date.

Watch this space!



What’s in it for you?

Crystal System BookWondering if The Crystal System Book will benefit you?  I think there’s something in it for everyone, but if you can answer any of these question with a YES, you should give it a go …

  • Having schooling difficulties? Crystal System Dressage

The Crystal System was borne out of an increasing sense of frustration that I had as an ambitious grass-roots rider struggling to pull together all of the knowledge and expeCrystal System Dressagerience I had into a cohesive system that would benefit both my horse and myself.  So clearly, anyone feeling this way will benefit from this book.

  • Crystal System DressageJust getting started?

If you are setting out in Dressage and you are not sure where to start, you will benefit from this book.  Starting with the basics; helping you to understand where you are in the process and using building blocks to build strong and solid foundations for your progression.

  • Crystal System DressageDressage jargon troubling you?

Dressage is perceived as incredibly complicated and difficult.  The Crystal System attempts to unravel the mysteries surrounding that indefinable ability to ride skilfully.  It breaks down the jargon and the flowery speak, explains in plain English exactly what is required.

  • Crystal System DressageMore experienced rider?

For experienced riders this book will help you restructure your training, rethink your approach, reframe your thinking and look at things a little differently.  Crystal System DressageThrough questioning and exploration of why and how you ride, The Crystal System will allow you to identify, develop and mould your training system.

  • Crystal System DressageLike to polish your skills?

AndsotheadventurebeginsIf you wish to develop your sensitivity and hone your skills to take yourself to the next level, this book will aid your self-assessment ability, enabling you to recognise where you need to concentrate your efforts and get straight to the heart of everything you do.

  • Crystal System DressageWant to be self-sufficient?

The Crystal System book will give you the confidence to select the very best from your experiences and develop your own understanding of how to train your horse.  A self-help manual for dressage riders, giving you the tools you need to guide you through the issues, come up with the solutions and achieve the improvement; absolute control for you and your horse.

Crystal System Dressage

Crystal System Book


The Crystal System Book is sponsored by Blue Chip Feeds

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