Q6 – Can You Influence Your Horse’s Paces

Self Assessment Question #6 in the ’99 Questions’ series of blogs.  A series looking a little more closely at those insightful questions in the report that I give you completely free of charge when you sign up for to get the Crystal System blogs into your inbox.   There is something for everyone; beginners, trainers, novice and Grand Prix riders.Influence

  • Do you fully understand the influence your body is having on your horse’s way of going?
  • Are you able to influence the paces, lengthen and shorten the stride?
  • Are you able to straighten a horse that is going off-line?

Of course, everything we do influences our horse’s way of going.  It is worth taking on board the primary message I have for you –

‘If you get the right response when you ask correctly, it surely follows that if you get the wrong response, you may not be asking correctly”. 

Remembering that every transition, every step you take, every half-halt, every imbalance is influenced either positively or negatively is a powerful incentive to get yourself a business-like approach to your training.

In my experience learning what those influences are.  That is to say, understanding the effect your body is having on your horse.  And more importantly the effect it is having on your horses way of going is absolutely imperative.  Because if you do not get to grips with this, you will forever remain a passenger with the accompanying frustrations.  So what are these things?

Link through to the blogs on each subject to delve even deeper.  By developing your abilities in these areas you will soon be on your way to becoming extremely competent rider.

Patricia – The Dressage Tipster


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