Its Like a Drug … I Want It

At the start of this journey I had a vague idea that I wanted to ride well. I wasn’t really sure what that meant and certainly wasn’t prepared for how strong this ‘want’ would develop.

Wanting to learn is an important element of attaining success and I like the word ‘wanting’.  ‘Wanting’ is a powerful, basic human drive, while ‘motivation’ although it might mean the same thing, is a word to clinically describe ‘wanting’.

As I progress through my training, I become even more hungry for knowledge, more hungry to put that knowledge into practice and enjoy the challenges I face more and more.

It’s like a drug – addictive!

When people really want something, they usually get it sooner or later.  I will get what I want, because I will work hard to get it.

In the photo are the words Carl Hester used to Charlotte Dujardin before she went into the Olympic arena 2012 except he changed “others make it happen” to “You can make this happen” … now if that doesn’t inspire you, nothing will.


Patricia – The Dressage Tipster

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