Knowledge is NOT Power…CRYSTAL Clarity is POWER

I know many very knowledgeable equestrians, but they are not clear about what they want, let alone what they want for you!  Many of them have equine degrees,  coaching qualifications, affiliate certification, horse society examinations, some of them are so highly qualified you wonder if they actually get time to ride and I have no doubt in my mind that they know a great deal more than I ever will.

But knowledge is not power.  Clarity is where the empowerment comes from.  

2There’s a difference between lecturing and training.  The former simply imparts knowledge the latter effectively transfers that knowledge in simple usable terms.

Clarity in training gives you the power to know what you want, day by day, one session at a time; absolute clarity about where you have come from, where you are now and where you are going brings focus and focus brings amazing things.

Try to see through those that use flowery, self important, ‘look how intelligent I am’, speak and find someone who will get to the root of the matter in as few words as possible.

1I like to give my pupils clarity and they appreciate it.  I am utterly obsessed with it and when I come across equestrians that fill their world with ‘techie’ speak I become uninterested, somehow it switches me off.

So, don’t try to impress your fellow equestrians with your knowledge of big words when a small one will do, just get clear about what you want and how to do it. Only concern yourself with things that take you closer to the goal.

When the next ‘ethical method’ hits the stands or you find yourself embroiled in a discussion about an ‘innovative learning strategy’ or ‘learning theory’ or  the ‘affective state’ of your horse – stop and think about how this is going to contribute to your goal.  If it takes some working out it hasn’t been explained clearly enough!

PowerDon’t be sidetracked.  Keep it simple.

Patricia – The Dressage Tipster

btw – ‘affective state’ = mood (roll eyes!).   Power

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