The Making of My Sanctuary AKA Livery Yard


Is my vision of a community of people I feel comfortable with that help me nurture my very own sanctuary from the stresses of every day life, aka my livery yard, too big a goal?

My ‘people’ are those who accept me as I am with enthusiasm and are glad to be in my company.  They share my vision.  When amongst these people I want to be able to feel free to be my imperfect self.  To engage shamelessly in this activity we so enjoy.  To rely on them for support.  And I want to return that support to them in abundance.0

My vision is of gathering a group of my ‘people’ that I can feel comfortable investing my time and energy into and they are equally comfortable investing their time in my development and happiness.  I know that the right equestrians who will eventually become fully ensconced members of my unique tribe are out there, somewhere.  I know that I am destined to find them.

When I look about me, I discover that I am already allied with a select few very wonderful and supportive people.  As I move through life circumstances beyond my control play a role in connecting me with horsey people.  It is just as likely that these circumstances will connect me with those who are not like me.  Those that do not share my vision or are not prepared to reciprocate my efforts and who do not wish me well and want my happiness.  As a result they come and very quickly go.

This is not just a livery yard, this is The Dressage Tipster’s Tribe

On the surface, my tribe may seem to be nothing more than a loose-knit group of friends and acquaintances to whom I ally myself.  All of them share my love of horses, however, on my livery yard I want something more.  A group of people who provide me with a sense of community.  I need them to enjoy their time with their horses and enjoy sharing that time with the rest of the ‘tribe’.

I refuse to believe that this is an impossible dream.  But I have to admit that it is a huge challenge in today’s self-centred way of thinking.  This is a challenge that takes me outside of my comfort zone.  It will be worth it thought, when I find my whole tribe.

Adapted from Finding Your Tribe – Madisyn Taylor – Daily OM

Live near to my stables in Staffordshire (ST19 5SD) and think you could be my people?  More information


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