Making a Connection with your Horse

Hey everyone,

Hope you are enjoying the sun in the U.K.  As promised my article on ‘making a connection with your horse – In The Stirrups’ has been published in the very first edition of In The Stirrups Magazine OCTOBER 2014 (Page 17).

Here’s a couple of quotes to whet your appetite!

“The horse that is ‘round’ and on the bit is adjusted to take the riders weight easily to comfortably carry you and use his body effortlessly”

“The judge in a test is looking for the horse to maintain the head carriage, if you throw the reins forward your horse may think you are a rodeo rider and react accordingly”

“Sit up tall and utilise your lower back and abdominals to keep your torso upright.  If you go limp or collapse your midsection, you will find that your horse starts leaning on your hand, because he loses self carriage in his efforts to rebalance where you have put him out of balance, especially if you collapse forward”

Go take a look, there’s something for every equestrian, whatever your discipline of choice …

Note to self: Add some piccies next edition! lol

Patricia – The Dressage Tipster

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  1. Hi Patricia
    You say you like it when people respond so I thought I’d do just that.
    Your article in ‘Stirrups’ was absolutely brilliant and perfectly
    timed for me. I am having trouble getting a good connection and
    everything you said resonated with me. I too have been thinking I’m
    being ‘kind’ by not having the reins, what I felt to be, too short but
    I am finally understanding the error of my ways. And I am working on
    getting my horse to react immediately and effectively from my leg.
    It’s almost like you have got together with my instructor to write
    this article especially for me!
    Thank you so much.
    Haley Smith

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