More on Sitting Trot …

3 quick checks if it’s not going well


If in the sitting trot your shoulders are tense and rounded and not over your base of support, that is to say you need to move back from the base of your waist (because you are forward).  That is NOT you need to lean back!  You are trying to achieve UPRIGHT elegance.


Check if you are tightening your lower back, after a few steps of sitting trot. This can happen unconsciously.  Remind yourself to check if the lower back feels tight.


You may be gripping with your knees to compensate for a torso that is out of alignment.


Sitting Trot

If you are not absorbing the movement it has to come out somewhere and usually this is through the hands.

Ok thaSitting Trott’s four! lol

Patricia Pitt – The Dressage Tipster

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