Negative Critique – Rebuild Your Skills!

This is not a very fashionable idea, but I’m a little tired of hearing how we should keep telling everyone how wonderful they are, how well they are doing and gush with positivity in order to encourage progression.

Pff … what anyone who wants real success needs is to take a long hard look at themselves and critically evaluate where they are in terms of their goals and, if appropriate accept that they are not good riders.

This is a good starting point!

What is wrong with being told that, actually you are not very good and have some hard work to do to get what you want?

What is wrong with being told that, if you want to be a dressage rider you need to … lose weight, get fit, change your attitude, recognise that your skill set is currently lacking?

I wanted to ride well for many, many years, became very frustrated and nearly gave up altogether, until I recognised that I was stuck in my ways, needed to clear my mind and BE A BEGINNER again – as if I had never ridden, accept how badly I had been taught, by people who either knew no better or did not care enough, lose weight, get fit and rebuild my skills.

I have many tips to help you rebuild your skills – essentially the foundations have to be right to support the future work!  This is the basis of my training system and I would very much appreciate any comments you may have.

Patricia – The Dressage Tipster

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