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I had a very, very good day yesterday.   Last week I had sat looking at an email which contained the submission of a large chunk of my work on The Crystal System book to my publisher with a note saying … “I eagerly await your appraisal and guidance”.  I sat looking at it for a while, opening the files, re-reading, checking the order, basically fussing; nothing crystal about my brain at this point in time.  Then I did it, I pressed send; it had gone.

Unsurprisingly, nothing happened for the next 3 hours, so I put it out of my mind and went about my daily business with only the occasional recall to memory that some professional reader of books had my material and was probably dissecting it, huffing and puffing over the obvious naivety of the writing, studying the grammar and negatively scrutinising the subject matter.

Then it came.  The response and oh, what a response … ‘Wow! Very impressed.  You are definitely on the right track’.  Then some really useful advice closing with – ‘Love, love what you are doing, I feel that you are going to really hit the spot with a lot of riders.’  Cue, great big smile and a hastened email back along the lines of ‘thanks, I’m so happy, thanks, I like your suggestions, thanks, I’m so happy’.Hates it

Lesson No. 5,956 in my Dressage journey, which is truly teaching me so much not just about how to ride but about how to approach life.

‘Do not wait until you feel you are ready to do something that you feel passionately about.  Just do it!  Have a go, give it a try, seek advice and guidance along the way, if you don’t do well to begin with, give it another go, if you do – bonus!’

Somewhere along the line the publisher called me an author and alluded to how sometimes authors can be a little precious about their work to which my humble response was ‘well I am not really an author.’

‘Of course you are an author and a really good one at that’ she said.


Patricia – The Dressage Tipster

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  1. Well done Patricia, I can’t wait to read your book. I am sure that if it is anything like your blogs it will be very good reading with lots of useful information.

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