Really Breathe!

BreathePromoting relaxation when you ride is really quite simple, when you know how.  You should breathe.  Yes, I know you are breathing, but are you really breathing or are you just breathing?

Try this exercise to promote relaxation.  Your breathing must be a little deliberate – put one hand on your stomach and the other hand on your shoulder.

Walk your horse. 

  • Inhale. Keeping your shoulders down, let your stomach expand and get “fat” while you keep your shoulders down. By doing so, you’re lowering your diaphragm and taking in a really deep breath.
  • Exhale. Keep your back straight (don’t collapse in the saddle), and feel your seat getting heavier in the saddle.

 It’s as simple as that … the better you breathe, the more quickly you’ll get relaxation.

Patricia –  The Dressage Tipster

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