tICKThere is nothing quite so satisfying than a tick in a box, particularly when that box is on your bucket list.  Today is the culmination of two years of work that has been an absolute joy for me; the launch of my book ‘The Crystal System – Dressage, Clear and Transparent … Like Crystal’.

Book Image 3This book came from very humble beginnings, essentially my frustration at the lack of progress in my riding and follows my journey of discovery.  It is a highly motivational, sometimes humorous method of self-analysis encapsulating:

  • why you want to ride dressage
  • what exactly it is you want to do
  • why you might be struggling
  • how to go about finding a better way
  • where to go next

En route to getting this book to market, I have learned that goals are the basis for all achievement, without them you are merely wheel spinning, lacking direction.  I have been fortunate to secure sponsorship from Blue Chip Feeds whose amazing products keep A.K. and Bullit looking and feeling great.  My blog became an award winning blog (Haynet Equestrian Blogger of the Year 2014) and has grown its readership way beyond my expectations and social media followers are growing daily (nearly at the 10,000 mark for The Dressage Tipster’s facebook page).   It seems there are a lot of struggling and frustrated riders out there looking for guidance.

I am so proud to not only have written this book, but to have created Crystal, the cartoon character based on Mark’s Lusitano mare Sintra, and published it too through ‘Tipster Publishing’ which was also set up in the process!Crystal System Book

“Baby steps get you started on the road to success”

It’s incredible what can be achieved if your mind is willing and your body is capable.  This is the essence of what The Crystal System is all about.  I’d love it if you’d spread the word amongst all your equestrian friends and buy a copy, but to be honest the feeling that I have today, my red letter day – the day my book is actually released is awesome!  Don’t even mind if I don’t sell many.

Take a look.  It might help you as much as it helped me.

Patricia – The Dressage Tipster

Crystal System Book




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  1. Hi Patricia
    Congratulations on the launch of your book,will it be available in Australia at all. Really enjoy your articles.

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