Sharpen Up

My thought processes are too slow! The messages from my brain to my body are too slow! I have to sharpen up.

In a dressage test there are a succession of movements, one after the other, all requiring different thought processes, aids, body movements in which the aim is to do as little as possible!

So, after my latest not-so-good training session I walked, trotted and cantered the movements on foot (without the horse) – going through each step of what I should do when on the horse. Tracing the tracks I had made in the surface (note to self, you are not using the corners and your straight lines are not straight!)

The hope is that it will be retained whilst I have the time to think and become semi-automatic when I climb aboard. It is a useful exercise, but make sure that your friends know what you are doing – you look mighty silly cantering round the ménage without a horse!

Patricia – The Dressage Tipster

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