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Dressage Fans,

I have a story to tell you about D’Bullit, Mark’s extremely talented six-year old KWPN gelding.  He is home bred by Olympic Ferro out of a Waikiki/Weltmeyer/Bolero/Consul Mare.

Mark and Bullit

Backing and schoolingMark waited 5 years for this horse and when he arrived he knew he was special.  He was a beautiful foal and has grown into a beautiful horse.  Every day I bought him in from the field I would look at him and say “beautiful”.  We are very proud to have bred such a magnificent specimen of a horse!

However, as the saying goes, you have to take the rough with the smooth and this is a horse who has endured a catalogue of issues; from being unable to cope as a young Stallion and subsequently being gelded late as a 4 year old, through gastric ulcers and the plethora of issues that this brings (including exorbitant medical costs), colic, skins irritations and a sarcoid to intermittent lameness which has proved frustrating and costly to resolve in terms of his training progress and veterinary fees.  This is not an exhaustive list, there’s more.

Having worked through all the problems as and when they arose the most frustrating of all was the intermittent lameness.  Bullit (or sicknote as he is affectionately known) is a sensitive soul, even his own urine irritates his skin, thus his bedding is virtually replaced daily!

I digress, the lameness, having worked through all the other issues was proving his downfall.   I have lost count of the periods of box rest he has had to endure due to heat in his heels and suspected bruised feet (but we were never 100% sure) just to have him sound again for a short period and then, bam! He feels a little short in front.  Does he look sound to you?  Is it in the shoulder?  Should we work him through it? He’s ok in walk.  How was he in the field?  Did he walk up sound?  Is there any heat?  He is sensitive in the heels.  Are we being paranoid? Seriously, this conversation is all too familiar.

ShoeSecureThat is until our amazing farrier found us ShoeSecure.  ShoeSecure is a product developed by the wonderful Muriel Colquhoun MBE and is primarily targeted towards equestrians who have difficulty keeping shoes on their horses.  Brilliantly simple and so effective.

Results of ShoeSecure’s research on shoe lossShoeSecure

It is an innovation in horseshoe loss and heel protection and since we have fitted Bullit’s little yellow ‘duckie’ shoes (other colours are available) he has remained sound and his training is progressing uninterrupted.  I cannot express to you how much this means to Mark and I.  At last we can begin to realise this talented horse’s true potential.

The kit required and the shoes themselves cost us the grand sum of £67.00 – less than a set of shoes!  and let me tell you, significantly less than a day at the veterinary clinic assessing for lameness (on more than one occasion).  The peace of mind it gives us to be able to put Bullit in a field knowing that his heels are protected is priceless.

The ShoeSecures proved their worth on the second day of use when ‘sick-note’ came in with scuff marks on the ShoeSecures and his over-reach boots torn!  That would have been another fortnight in the box with bruised heels but on this occasion we removed the ShoeSecures and he was sound.  I could’ve cried, I really could.


Keeping Bullit sound for only £67.00 having spent hundreds, nay thousands, on veterinary fees and enabling consistency in his work gives fantastic value for money.  Goodness me, his over-reach boots cost more than that!

BullitI felt quite strongly that I should tell you about ShoeSecure just because of the difference it has made to Mark and Bullit.  So, if you have difficulty keeping your horse’s shoes on, if your horse is prone to over-reach, if you experience intermittent lameness and are not sure of the cause, if your horse is prone to bruising of the feet, in fact if you have a horse that needs heel protection for any reason, I highly recommend that you give ShoeSecure a try.  But you don’t have to take my word for it, take a look at ShoeSecures customer reviews to help you decide.


If you don’t have any of these issues and have no need for ShoeSecure, I’d really appreciate it if you would just pop over to their facebook page and give them a like.  ShoeSecureJust because someone out there might just be in need of this miracle cure and you could help them find it!

Bullit stands like a rock to have his ShoeSecures put on and taken off and it’s so quick and easy to do.  He’s a clever horse.  I think he knows they are necessary and keeping him sound, even though they are a bit strange looking.  As I said, he’s special  and his little yellow ‘ducky’ shoes certainly make him stand out from the crowd but then most people do a double take when they see Bullit anyway, now they have one more reason to admire him!

Patricia – The Dressage Tispter

P.S. – ShoeSecures are developed and manufactured in Scotland and are available for WORLDWIDE distribution.

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  1. Hi,

    We are in South Africa – what are the chances of supply here?
    My daughters horse has very flat feet, front flare as they grow, although no to little growth from the coronet down so farrier struggles to bring heels back. Also very thin white wall.
    He does pull shoes now and then and when he does, he cannot walk on hard, stony ground. SO yes, a farriers nightmare.

    Would be interested to learn more – I’m going to share your site with my farrier as well.


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