Shoulder Fore and Shoulder In

The lateral movements Shoulder Fore and Shoulder In should not hold any fear for you.

Not enough riders at grass roots levels (intro, prelim, novice, elementary) use shoulder fore and shoulder in as basic schooling exercises. These are essential exercises because they keep the inside hind leg stepping under and are the very foundations for helping your horse to find his rhythm and become supple.

They are not difficult exercises and come easily with practice. Shoulder-in is simply maintenance of the bend that you have established for the corner all the way up the long side.Shoulder Fore and Shoulder In

I cannot stress enough – you should use shoulder-fore and shoulder-in in your warm up, EVERY TIME you ride.

You and your horse will feel the benefits almost immediately you begin to use the exercises regularly.

Just give them a go, get some help to do them, but make it a priority.  Nuno Oliviero said “Shoulder In is the aspirin of dressage, it cures everything”.  And I for one will not argue with that!

Patricia – The Dressage Tipster

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  1. I have just been advised to use this exercise on a spooky horse to help us to try and both enjoy our schooling sessions. Thanx

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