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Page 14 and 15 – Daisy Jackson Dressage ‘connects’ with The Crystal System Book – see full review below.

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  • Catches up with Dressage Star Valentina Truppa – great interview
  • Meets the adorable foals of Corradee Stud
  • Talks to Valerie Ashker about her 3500 mile trek across the USA to raise awareness for ex racing Thoroughbreds

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Daisy Jackson ‘CONNECTS’ with The Crystal System Book

This month I am delighted to bring you Daisy Jackson’s review of my book, The Crystal System.  Despite her youth Daisy is already a BD registered trainer, a BD trainee judge and holds an Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence and was selected onto the Junior GB Squad.


Daisy Says: “I would describe the Crystal System as a self-help book for anyone that has come into dressage and has perhaps struggled with the many conflicting training methods; maybe has become confused by what exactly training a horse entails; possibly has become frustrated within lessons and feels that their progression has reached a plateau.

Basically the Crystal System is for anyone that needs clarity and direction.

When Patricia asked me to review her book, I didn’t know what to expect. I have been a dressage rider for as long as I can remember and make my living from teaching and riding professionally. I have had the good fortune to have trained with some wonderful coaches who have helped me further my career. However, one thing that I have been left alone to develop is ‘feel’. The Crystal System aims to do something unique, which I have never read before in a book and that is to endeavour to give its readers an idea of feel through words.

One of my favourite parts of the book is when Patricia talks about connection……

“When you and your horse are connected through the contact he becomes a lot more comfortable to sit on because his back is relaxed. The trot and canter gaits feel more bouncy because your horse’s back is swinging. You feel in control and like you can work through transitions, smoothly and promptly; your horse will be ‘in front of the leg’ (so will not need continual reminders from you to keep going); he will feel light and obedient. This is because he is ‘on the aids’, willing, submissive and ready for your instructions without resistance in the mouth or body.”

I think Patricia’s definition is spot on and I love the word connection anyway and always use that rather than ‘on the bit’ which tends to give riders the idea that it is all about the mouth. This was explained expertly in the book and I definitely felt that the 2 terms were given clarity for the readers in understandable language and describing feelings rather than just using technical terminology is very helpful.

I found a lot of the positional descriptions and exercises were particularly helpful to me personally as a trainer and I have been able to integrate some of these into my own teaching. I also loved the section where Patricia discusses what makes a great rider. Most importantly is of course mind-set and attitude which I think shows people that even if you are not the most natural rider in the world, becoming a great rider is still possible.

I would recommend The Crystal System to all riders whatever their level.

I also feel that trainers would benefit from reading this book as after years and years of riding and teaching in a professional capacity it is easy to lose sight of what it is like to be confused, lack confidence, be frustrated and unable to communicate with your horse. This book gives a great insight into how many riders feel on a daily basis. It also offers tools to trainers on how to un-cloud their riders thought processes and see the sport of dressage with clarity.

By Daisy Jackson

Are you in need of clarity or direction?  Stop by and say Hi at or email Patricia, The Dressage Tipster on and let me know what you are struggling with.  You will always get a personal response.

Boots – Bridle – Book.  All equally important in your training

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