Tall – Taller – Tallest

I was struggling with my balance at the weekend so I am sharing with you a conversation I had with my wonderful mentor about sitting tall and finding neutral spine.

So, sitting on his horse in a very tongue in cheek manner he said …

tall“watch and learn, I’m sitting upright in my saddle, pelvis is level, leg is soft and draped over my horse’s side, my position is already great.  I sit tall”

Then he sat up a little more, lifting his shoulders, relaxing his arms

“Now I’m even better.  I sit taller.”

Then he stretched up through his neck as though he is being pulled up by the ears.

“Now I could give Charlotte a run for her money! I sit tallest”

So, to get me thinking about my position and sitting tall, he had me riding round saying  to myself …

Tall, Taller, Tallest

“This is a really good position” and “Yes, I can do this” and “Tall, taller, tallest”, despite it not being great and despite my struggles the lesson a) made me feel really good about myself and my riding and b) improved my position.

Try it, it’ll make you happy.

Patricia – The Dressage Tipster

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