Getting my body to do what I want it to do was helped by changing focus from my horse to me.

Sometimes to get the result from the horse we end up contorting ourselves and tensing up because we’re just not getting it!

If you focus only on what you want your body to do, no matter what your horse does underneath you, I promise the result from the horse will come! Sounds mad? Stop caring about how the horse is going, concentrate on your riding and the improvement in the horse’s way of going will follow.

Pretend all your fellow equestrians have their eyes on you. What do you feel your body doing? What would they say? Look inwards and seriously – just do one session without worrying about the horse and see what happens.

Patricia – The Dressage Tipster

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  1. My horse is amiable, obedient works in a good outline, tracking up in trot but instructors and judges say he needs more impulsion and lacks energy. Hacking back from a lesson competition, he has lots of energy! I know what I need but I can’t produce it, Donny can on the way home!!
    I feel I need something extra, heard it called (a hot bot!), but am at a loss of how to provide Donny with the energy he needs from me. I’ve been down the line of whip, spur, plastic bag on a whip but he just accepts everything as ok but not motivating.

    1. Judith,
      Email me your usual working regime, his daily routine and what you are feeding him (fodder, hard feed supplements) and we’ll take a look, by process of elimination at why his energy levels are low. Also, what level to you train at an is he ever galloped? Look forward to hearing from you. Patricia x

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