To Spook or Not To Spook ? – The Decision is Yours

I noticed recently an Ad for training horses not to be spooky and it reminded me of my old boy, a typical thoroughbred.

One time, whilst out hacking with my partner riding the TB and me riding another horse, we heard the roar of motor-cross bikes on the track ahead, but because of a sharp bend we were unable to see them. More to the point, they were not going to see us.

Soon enough, a couple of youths appeared riding the bike, hell for leather and screeched to a halt a few yards away from us. My partner was so incensed that he turned the TB towards the bike, kicked him on, cantered straight up to them and with the horse peering over the handlebars of the revving bike, gave them a piece of his mind! That done, he turned and trotted back to me.

I was aghast! Not because of the incident but because Mr “I will spook at my own shadow” thoroughbred appeared completely un-phased by the whole thing.

It’s a simple state of mind. The horse will reflect whatever your state of mind is … if you are confident, so will he be, if you are thinking he will spook … so he will!

Patricia – The Dressage Tipster


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